Online Dating made fun again.

Tired of the same boring conversations? Or spending days, weeks or even months getting to know someone through text messaging, only to find out they are totally different then who they portrayed themselves to be? How About being cat-fished in the third degree by pictures that are 10 years old and a personal description that is so full of bull it makes you want to give up on dating altogether? Enter GDate, specifically designed to save your precious time and to cut through the crap, all while having fun at the same time.

How It Works

Mutual Matching
Match based on one thumbnail picture. In real life you don't get multiple angles or a written description. 

What Our Customers Say

What a great concept! Endless questions to choose from and being able to see your matches on video is priceless.
Corey V.
I will never use those other outdated dating apps ever again!
Katrina N.

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50 Likes/Day
2000 GCoins/Month
See Imprerssions
Create Questions
25 Likes/Day
500 GCoins/Month

Just Try Us Out. It's Free, You Have Nothing To Lose!

Users play games with matches, asking questions and getting answers on video while getting rated on their personalities . Choose from over 1000 questions in 25 different categories, your never going to have trouble stumping your admirers. Did we mention they only have one try to answer your questions?  

Play Games
Play games with your matches and quiz them on various subjects like attraction, family/friends, morals, lifestyle etc. Lets really see if they are a suitable mate!
Lost In Love
Play all the games you want with your matches and rate them on their personalities. Only being able to chat after you have chosen them as a winner.

Using technology to your advantage, not theirs.

Online dating has always had its flaws, but why, after 15+ years has it evolved so little? Swiping to match someone is not revolutionary and it definitely doesn't help you find better matches. The same can be said about computer algorithms based on likes and interests. Personal chemistry varies so wildly, we think good old fashion intuition goes a long way. 

Viewing your matches answers on video allows you to see facial expressions, mannerisms, quirks and attributes you just wouldn't be able to see by text alone. 

Playing games makes the process of getting to know someone less daunting. Being able to choose from over 1000 curated questions means you wont be stuck without anything to ask either.

App Screens

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We only have 2 tiers of pricing. With our premium tier having clear benefits.

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Being able to rate your matches based on their answers adds accountability to online dating. If your gonna be a creep, everyone is going to know about it.